• Now Girl Scouts can earn badges for cybersecurity skills

    Sign Up for Smart Deals In 2018, Girl Scouts of the USA announced a new set of STEM-oriented badges, including three cybersecurity challenges. Now, the largest Girl Scouts council in the country, Girl Scouts Nation's Capital (GSNC — located in the D.C. area) is working with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to take its troops' cyber [...] Continue Reading
  • The software-defined data center arrives

    Sign Up for Smart Deals The software-defined data center arrives This year, there will be significant growth in the adoption of modern data center technologies, as suggested by Intel’s research. Survey respondents indicated that midsize companies and enterprises alike are preparing to upgrade their data centers. They will be giving their in-house infrastructure the feel [...] Continue Reading
  • The key to IT success in 2019: Invest, train and transform

    Successful organizations are investing in IT. That’s the headline finding from this year’s edition of the Business IT Trends Annual Report.

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  • I really appreciate you…

    United Interiors “…Thank you so much for coming out to the facility and raising the desk. In addition, please also know that I really appreciate you going out of your way to dismantle the table top, in order for the printer to fit right in…, he did a terrific job as always.” – Government Employee [...] Continue Reading
  • Three Ways Cloud Solutions Can Benefit Your Workplace Collaboration

    It’s no secret that organizations looking to remain competitive in a fast-changing digital marketplace view on-premise solutions as clunky, outdated, and antiquated. The reality is that cloud solutions are now viewed as essential for driving digital transformation across an enterprise. What is less obvious are some of the intrinsic benefits cloud solutions bring to workplace [...] Continue Reading
  • Alera Furniture Solutions

    Add to Wishlist Product added! Browse Wishlist The product is already in the wishlist! Browse Wishlist Alera Furniture Solutions Alera Furniture Catalog Total Furniture Solutions Get everything for your workplace with inspiring designs for all of the way you work. From Private Office, Openplan, Reception, Breakroom, Storage, Chairs and Conference Tables. Get a office fast [...] Continue Reading
  • Essentials for the Workplace Catalog 2019

    Add to Wishlist Product added! Browse Wishlist The product is already in the wishlist! Browse Wishlist Essentials for the Workplace Catalog 2019 WELCOME TO Essentials for the Workplace 2019 Here, you’ll find an ideal selection of the products you most rely on in an easy-to-shop format. As a local business backed by national support, we [...] Continue Reading
  • New for 2019 Everything you need for today’s office!

    See what’s New From UI office products for Q1 2019

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  • Get in Control of Network Printing Costs

    Do you need to address out of control costs associated with network printing. Print Fleet Management allows dealers to gather information on a client’s fleet and identify where printing dollars can be saved. A printer fleet management tool offers a competitive advantage by providing a detailed composite of the enterprise printer fleet with inventory sorting; [...] Continue Reading
  • 5 ways Cyber Attacks Have Changed in the last 5 years

    A lot can change in five years. Think of where we are today—now flash back five years to 2014. What was happening? The Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and we were only on iPhone 6. The world looked a bit differently then, and business concerns and priorities were different too—especially for small-to-medium-sized [...] Continue Reading
  • Improve Your Workflow

    Improve your workflow with UI Document Solutions. Our team of experts will help your organization perform more efficiently, work smarter, and maximize your existing technology investment.   With our workflow solutions to capture, file, share and store documents more efficiently, you can streamline and improve document intensive processes by effectively distributing information that is needed [...] Continue Reading
  • Download the Everything for the Workplace Catalog 2019

    With our enormous inventory of in-stock products, you can get everything for your workplace right to your door. But, because we know you might want a unique or special solution, we go to MORE lengths to help you find that PERFECT ITEM!

    More items within your reach
    We’ve broadened our product assortment by offering you access to additional items that are considered “quick ship,” but please allow a few extra days for delivery.

    Scroll Down to download PDF

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  • Five Easy Benefits that Enhance Business

    Concepts such as total cost of ownership (TCO) or cost per copy (CPP) do not tell the whole story about a system’s efficiency – that is if the system incurs increased costs within different areas in the company. Even technically highly productive machines become inefficient if they are no longer used as designated, as in [...] Continue Reading
  • Faith Grows with Reduced Costs

    Cost and manageability advantages are old hat when it comes to outsourcing printing. Organizations opting for managed printing today are seeking to streamline their print infrastructure. Most faith based organization's who don’t know the cost of their printing including printers, and consumables and toners that they use in a year can blame it on a [...] Continue Reading
  • Cold & Flu Season

    Stay Healthy At Work


    When Cold & Flu Season Has Begins
    During that time of year, when colds and flu start to spread and cause many people to get sick. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter months. And between five and 20% of Americans get the flu and miss a staggering 70 million work days.

    Below are suggestions UI can help with office wellness and stay healthy.

    • Handwashing
    • Hand Sanitizers
    • Disinfecting
    • Healthcare
    • Personal Protection
    • Paper Products

    United Imaging provides everything you need to help your customers prepare for this year’s cold and flu season. Stock up on powerful ways to fight germs, ensure hand hygiene, boost immunity, soothe symptoms and add an extra level of protection. We have a wide array of products from disinfectant wipes and tissues to hand soap and sanitizers. United Imaging carries water to stay hydrated, medicinal products that support immune systems as well as cold and flu medicine to care for your customers after they have been compromised. Stop the spread of germs before it starts.


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  • HP Retail Solutions

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