• Should you outsource your IT?

    IT service providers deliver the technical expertise small businesses need at a much lower cost than hiring IT staff. That’s why nearly 70% of U.S. small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) work with an IT service provider for some or all of their IT needs. There are many considerations for SMBs thinking about moving their [...] Continue Reading
  • eBook – 4 Business Continuity Planning Essentials today!

    These days, it’s not a matter of if your business will experience downtime, but when. Imagine your servers crashing during the busiest season of the year. Do you have a plan to get back up and running in minutes? Your safest bet is to plan for the worst by having a business continuity and disaster [...] Continue Reading
  • Artificial intelligence and the future of work

    Sign Up for Smart Deals The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) is promising big things. According to research by Accenture, AI could increase labor productivity by up to 40 percent and double the annual economic growth rates in 12 developed economies by 2035. In doing so, AI is set to change the nature of work. [...] Continue Reading
  • Is your business ready for cyber litigation?

    Is your business ready for cyber litigation? When household brands suffer data breaches, you’re on notice that your business could be the next potential target for cybercriminals. This has the potential to impact your brand, reputation and worse. There are also regulatory and legal obligations in most jurisdictions that require you to safeguard and secure [...] Continue Reading
  • The software-defined data center arrives

    Sign Up for Smart Deals The software-defined data center arrives This year, there will be significant growth in the adoption of modern data center technologies, as suggested by Intel’s research. Survey respondents indicated that midsize companies and enterprises alike are preparing to upgrade their data centers. They will be giving their in-house infrastructure the feel [...] Continue Reading
  • Three Ways Cloud Solutions Can Benefit Your Workplace Collaboration

    It’s no secret that organizations looking to remain competitive in a fast-changing digital marketplace view on-premise solutions as clunky, outdated, and antiquated. The reality is that cloud solutions are now viewed as essential for driving digital transformation across an enterprise. What is less obvious are some of the intrinsic benefits cloud solutions bring to workplace [...] Continue Reading
  • 5 ways Cyber Attacks Have Changed in the last 5 years

    A lot can change in five years. Think of where we are today—now flash back five years to 2014. What was happening? The Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and we were only on iPhone 6. The world looked a bit differently then, and business concerns and priorities were different too—especially for small-to-medium-sized [...] Continue Reading
  • UI Managed Services – Digital Signage

    Protecting your system against viruses is like dealing with a moving target. Once an antivirus program knows how to block known malware, suddenly a new, unknown threat appears to potentially infect your workstations and servers.

    The Managed Antivirus capabilities in UI MSP Remote Monitoring & Management (MSP RMM) can help your system proactively stay ahead of all malware threats, both known and emerging.

    Managed Antivirus not only keeps your network’s security up-to-date with protection against the latest known threats by using traditional signature-based protection, but it also protects against new viruses by using sophisticated exploratory checks and behavioral scans of your system.
    Stay Safe from Known and Emerging

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  • UI Managed Services

    United Imaging is the most trusted office technology provider in the area, and now we’re proud to announce our complete, all-inclusive Managed IT services. Let us take on the burden of managing your company’s IT infrastructure with our flexible and scalable IT solution. Our UI Managed Services Includes • Network and hardware • Cloud services [...] Continue Reading
  • UI Business Continuity and Disaster Recover Solutions

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions Overview Businesses today rely heavily on technology and their data to run their business as well as make money, but in the event of a business interruption, or catastrophic loss of use of systems and or data due to hardware failure or ransomware, businesses can be crippled or suffer [...] Continue Reading
  • Managing government IT: To repair or replace?

    Managing government IT: To repair or replace? Government IT departments are under constant pressure to make prudent use of taxpayer funds. And while some IT equipment is quite robust, some is quite fragile. When damage or breakages do occur, is it cost effective to repair the hardware or replace it? This can be a difficult [...] Continue Reading
  • Schools and the cloud: A perfect match?

    School IT departments have generally been on the front foot when it comes to embracing new technologies, and teachers who also embrace the latest technologies can reap the benefits faster. The cloud has opened up their world, and technology is poised to finally deliver on its promise to transform education. Assisting teachers The cloud has [...] Continue Reading
  • Windows 10 devices in government: Delivering mobile efficiency.

    Governments are tasked with providing vital services and security for their citizens. Technology plays an increasingly important role in helping modern governments fulfill these responsibilities. Windows 10 Pro modern devices help government employees become more efficient and effective by maximizing their productivity while in the office or in the field.

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  • Office 365 advances the learning process

    Cloud-based technologies are revolutionizing teaching and learning, and Microsoft’s Office 365 Education offers sophisticated tools to do just that. Office 365 comes with a lot of the usual Microsoft software offerings, now bundled together in a subscription-based model. However, more importantly for school CIOs and IT education decision-makers, Office 365 features Education, a state-of-the-art collaboration [...] Continue Reading
  • Using IT to improve literacy in K-12 students

    Students are growing up in a world where technology is everywhere, and the classroom is no exception. With the increasing proliferation of valuable technological learning tools, how can IT improve literacy for K–12 students? Boosting student motivation Understanding technology's potential to improve literacy means examining how students learn and recall knowledge. The key is boosting [...] Continue Reading
  • The future of the enterprise is fully digital

    Companies around the world have woken up to the potential of digital technology to improve every aspect of their operations. The digital revolution is changing every layer of the enterprise in ways that were unthinkable only five years ago. Fully integrated networks and supply chains are streamlining processes, from product and service design through to [...] Continue Reading