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  • Video | DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management

    Get a free demo Simplify life in your HR department with centralized, secure personnel documents and connect your team with fast, reliable workflows for recruiting, onboarding, performance and more. Eliminate paper and disorganized shared drives. Get rid of long email chains and constant status inquiries. Move records into a secure environment to protect employees and [...] Continue Reading
  • Video | DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing

    Eliminate manual touch from your invoice process. Automate the capture, data extraction, routing and archiving of invoices for a straight, untangled workflow. Get a free demo DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing completely automates your invoice process, from data capture to approval and provides the capability to post invoices to your accounting or ERP system. The [...] Continue Reading
  • DocuWare Kinetic Solutions

    Preconfigured, cloud-based DocuWare solutions for an uncompromisingly easy entry into office automation. Get a free demo Productive business processes with DocuWare Kinetic Solutions Document management and workflow automation no longer require lengthy, difficult planning. DocuWare Kinetic Solutions can be implemented in just days, empowering you to digitize and automate central business processes such as invoice processing [...] Continue Reading
  • HON VIO – Video

    The people who work for your organization have a unified purpose. Shouldn't their desks have a unified look? Voi desking from The HON Company not only offers desks and storage solutions for every application—private offices, semi-private offices, open plan, benching, and more—it also presents an integrated design for the entire workplace. Shop Continue Reading
  • Total Cost of Ownership for PC Refresh

    Intel’s innovation in cloud computing, data center, Internet of Things, & PC solutions is powering the smart and connected digital world we live in.

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  • Internet of Things Intel | Video

    A day in the life of Smart by Intel The Internet of Things (Iot) is advancing a new breed of smart buildings that are better aligned with the priorities of property owners and managers. IoT enables operational systems that deliver more accurate and useful information for improving operations and providing the best experiences for tenants. [...] Continue Reading
  • Your old storage is standing in the way of growth

    Mothers of Invention by unitedimaging on March 13, 2019 7 ways to stay safe online in 2019 by unitedimaging on March 13, 2019 Learn from mobile apps to optimize your workflows by unitedimaging on March 12, 2019 Data storage options for enterprise by unitedimaging on March 12, 2019 3 ways to keep a university network [...] Continue Reading
  • HPE MSA 2042 Storage | Data Sheet

    Having the right storage infrastructure is key to making the most of your data. Are you ready to put your data to work? Contact us today to get started. HPE MSA 2042 Storage offers an entry storage platform with built-in hybrid flash for application acceleration and high performance. It is ideal for performance-hungry applications and [...] Continue Reading
  • Capture, store, and quickly analyze customer data by having the right storage infrastructure

    The success of any small or midsize business depends on being able to capture, store, and quickly analyze customer data. Having the right storage infrastructure is key to making the most of your data. Are you ready to put your data to work? HPE Storage MSA READ MORE ABOUT HPE STORAGE Mothers of Invention [...] Continue Reading
  • Shazam | Video

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  • Litzky PR adopts Windows 10 and empowers employee productivity

    Litzky Public Relations works with eMazzanti to keep up-to-date with the latest Microsoft technology and keep their public relations business at the forefront of the industry. Now with the seamless transition to Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser, Litzky Public Relations employees can work even more efficiently wherever, whenever. WATCH Litzky PR and Microsoft […]

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  • Smead Green Sustainability Video

    Green Office Supplies By using these products for your office and recycling programs, you will continue your way to “going green” in your workplace. They will help you make a significant impact without significant cost or inconvenience to you or your fellow employees. Need help find the right solution? Contact your United Imaging Sales Representative to help you meet [...] Continue Reading