Symantec provides security products and solutions protect small, medium, and enterprise businesses from advanced threats, malware, and other cyber attacks.





Advanced Threat Protection

Uncover, prioritize, and remediate advanced attacks across endpoints, networks, and email in minutes, all from a single console.


Anomaly Detection for Automotive

In-vehicle security analytics designed to detect a wide variety of cyber-attacks that modern vehicles face.


Asset Management Suite

Control your assets, uncover savings, and ensure compliance. Powered by Altiris technology to optimize your IT investments.


Authentic Document IDs for Brew

Digitally notarize and timestamp your apps with an embedded signed fingerprint (hash). Become an authenticated Brew developer.


Certificate Lifecycle Platform

Enable end-to-end information protection, authentication, and secure control for governments and large institutions with PKI.


CI Plus Device Credentials

Support device and component manufacturers to implement CI Plus, optimizing security between TV receivers and content providers.


Client Management Suite

Automate redundant tasks for managing devices and software to reduce costs. For Windows, Mac, Linux, and virtual desktops.


Code Signing Certificates for Adobe Air0

Digitally sign .air or .airi files with SHA 1 and SHA 2 options to authenticate your identity and validate code integrity.


Code Signing Certificates for Java

Symantec Code Signing Certificates for Java authenticate that your Java application is safe to download. Find out how Symantec can help.


Code Signing Certificates for Microsoft Authenticode

Authenticate your identity and validate integrity with the #1 code signing provider to developers and publishers worldwide.


Code Signing Certificates for Microsoft Office and VBA

Authenticate your identity and validate code integrity for Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro projects.


Code Signing Certificates for Windows Phone

Become a qualified developer of Windows Phone and Xbox 360 applications with the #1 code signing provider worldwide.


Code Signing Certificates for Windows Phone Enterprise

Become a qualified developer of Windows Phone Private Enterprise applications with the #1 code signing provider worldwide.


Code Signing for Android

Digitally sign and optimize .apk files for Android. Manage your certificate keys, sign code, and track all your apps in one place.


Command Line

Secure your corporate data by quickly and easily integrating encryption into batch processes, scripts, and applications.


Control Compliance Suite

Delivers a unified view of security controls and vulnerabilities. Align priorities across security, IT operations, and compliance.


Cyber Security Exercise

Develop skills and identify weaknesses in a simulated environment.


Data Center Security: Monitoring Edition

Continuously monitor the security posture of on-premise and virtual servers, AWS instances, and all modules of OpenStack clouds.


Data Center Security: Server

Deliver always-on, agentless anti-malware and threat protection services to automate security provisioning for VMware.


Data Center Security: Server Advanced

Harden security for on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based data centers using detection, monitoring, and prevention capabilities.


Data Loss Prevention

Secure your vital information and prevent data leaks—on-premise, mobile, or in the cloud—with our market-leading product.


DeepSight™ Adversary Intelligence

Outsmart emerging threats and improve your risk assessment through rich adversary intelligence and context of cyber-attacks.


DeepSight™ Technical Intelligence

Improve your security infrastructure with automated access to relevant vulnerability, malware, and threat intelligence.


Deployment Solution

Manage OS and software deployment, configuration, and PC ‘personality’ migration across hardware platforms and OS types.


Desktop Email Encryption

Encrypt and decrypt email automatically between clients and protect your data without logging into a third-party website.


Device Certificate Service

Embed X.509-compliant digital certificates into hardware and authenticate using a fully hosted, always available PKI environment.


Digital IDs for Secure Email

Encrypt and digitally sign your email with a certificate bound to your validated address to ensure secure, trusted delivery.


DLP Cloud Service for Email

DLP Cloud Service for Email helps enterprises quickly move their email to the cloud without compromising security by combining data loss prevention and email security.



Reject malware, spam, and malicious links with a cloud-based application that integrates with Office 365, Google Apps, and more.


Embedded Security: Critical System Protection

Embed critical protection into Internet of Things (IoT) devices through a lightweight system so they are secure by design.


Emergency Response

Resolve your incident, restore normal operations, and minimize operational impact from attacks with our Incident Response Team.


Endpoint Encryption

Protect data and ensure regulatory compliance via strong full-disk and removable media encryption with centralized management.


Endpoint Protection

Block malware and zero-day threats with advanced machine learning, backed by the world’s largest threat intelligence network.


Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition

Secure your small business desktops, laptops, and servers against cyber attacks, either on-premises or based in the cloud.


Endpoint Suite

Defend your email infrastructure, mobile, and endpoints against data loss with advanced malware protection and encryption.


Extended Validation Code Signing

Provide reputation service within browsers, Windows® OS, and security software through SmartScreen® for IE and Windows®.


External Certification Authority Certificates

Digitally sign documents and encrypt e-mails with the DoD online through External Certification Authority (ECA) certificates.


File Share Encryption

Enable file and folder encryption with policy enforcement on laptops, desktops, servers and the cloud for secure file sharing.


Gateway Email Encryption

Provide network-based email encryption with customers and partners, whether or not they have their own encryption software.


Ghost Solution Suite

Facilitate operating system deployment, migration, and cross-platform management for desktops, laptops, tablets, and servers.


Incident Response Retainers and Readiness Services

Preempt attacks and lessen security incident impact through remote and on-site investigations by our Incident Response Teams.


IT Management Suite

Securely manage your endpoints throughout their entire lifecycle across Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and virtual environments.


Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange

Protect against malware, phishing, and targeted attacks, blocking 99% of spam with less than one in 1 million false positives.


Managed PKI for SSL

Manage Certificate Public Keys with either centralized control or delegated administration to reduce complexity and costs.


Managed PKI Service

Power strong authentication and encryption to protect sensitive data through digital certificates managed with cloud-based PKI.


Managed Security Services

Let our experts minimize the impact of a cyber attack with perpetual monitoring and correlation of the global threat landscape.


Messaging Gateway

Defend your email perimeter against spam, malware, and targeted attacks with content filtering, data loss prevention, and encryption.


Mobility: Suite

Enforce consistent security standards for any type of device, without impeding employee productivity or personal privacy.


Norton Secured Seal

Grow your online business with the most recognized trust mark in the world, seen almost a billion times a day in 170 countries.


Norton Shopping Guarantee

Increase online customers’ peace of mind and boost sales with Identity Theft Protection, and Purchase and Low Price Guarantees.


Patch Management Solution

Manage patches and software updates by automating the collection, analysis, and delivery processes across your enterprise.


Private Certification Authority Service

Instantly issue and track your private intranet SSL certificates to avoid risks, errors, and hidden costs of self-signed CAs.


Protection Engine for Cloud Services

Embed malware detection and prevention into apps, services, and storage with fast, scalable and reliable content scanning.


Protection Engine for Network Attached Storage

Protect Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices with fast, scalable, and on-demand threat detection and content control.


Protection for SharePoint Servers

Detect and prevent malware for Microsoft SharePoint Servers through core detection, prevention technologies, and content control.


Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

Secure your endpoint and email infrastructure with advanced protection against complex malware, data loss and spam threats.



Filter malicious or inappropriate content with categorization databases, ensuring a safe web environment for 350 million+ users.


Secure App Service

Centralize protection, vet and approve files, apps, and publishers with our secure, cloud-based code signing management service.


Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates

Protect your website against attack with strongest-available SSL encryption, malware scanning, and the Norton Secured Seal.


Secure Site Pro with EV SSL Certificates

Earn greater trust with our highest security level of SSL protection, including Extended Validation and ECC encryption.


Secure Site SSL Certificates

Increase buyer confidence and protect your website with up to 256-bit encryption and the most recognized trust mark in the world.


Secure Site Wildcard SSL

Protect the transfer of sensitive data on multiple subdomains under one domain with an easy-to-manage wildcard SSL certificate.


Secure Site with EV SSL Certificates

Grow website trust with Extended Validation (EV) and strong visual cues: the green address bar and the Norton Secured Seal.


Server Management Suite

Provision, control, automate, and monitor physical and virtual servers from a central console across a wide array of platforms.



Automate incident response and resolution to reduce service interruptions, accelerate restoration, and correct systemic problems.


Shared Service Provider PKI: Federal and Non-Federal

Achieve Federal agency compliance with FIPS 201 and HSPD-12 requirements through our highly scalable cloud-based PKI Service.


SSL Certificate Intelligence Center (CIC)

Automate SSL certificate lifecycle management and minimize risk for large and midsize enterprises with our cloud-based service.


Symantec Phishing Readiness

Improve your employees’ recognition and reporting of phishing attacks so they are better equipped as your first line of defense.


Trust Center Account for Enterprise

Manage your enterprise website security and SSL certificates from a single sign-on, cloud-based platform with 100 percent uptime.


Unified Endpoint Protection Cloud Service

Simplify the process of onboarding, managing and protecting users, data, and devices from one single management console.


VDI Security – Endpoint Protection For VDI

Boost the performance of your VDI and keep a high level of security with agentless anti-malware and complete threat protection.



Prevent unauthorized access to networks, applications, and the cloud with easy to use multi-factor and risk-based authentication.


VIP Access Manager

Protect your enterprise’s data through Single Sign-On (SSO) with strong authentication, access control, and user management.



Protect your organization from web-based threats and enforce acceptable use policies with our cloud-based application.


Workspace Streaming

Provide controlled, guaranteed access for any Windows-based application to any location, including remote and mobile users.


Workspace Virtualization

Simplify software packaging and delivery, reduce application conflicts, and simultaneously run incompatible applications.