Toshiba LEAD conference 9-5-2018

September 5-7th 2018

Toshiba is pleased to invite you to be a part of LEAD 2018!  This year’s conference is all about celebrating you, our customer.  Take the opportunity to learn how Toshiba’s innovations are empowering the art of your business.

LEAD 2018 will feature an extensive product fair showcasing the latest products and solutions, eighteen individual breakout sessions designed to allow you to tailor your personal education experience, two general sessions, evening events, and more!

The Bellagio
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Empowering the Social Sales Force

Educate, engage and excite your clients and prospects through new conversations as you future-proof your sales force. Staying connected to your clients and modernizing business development techniques are critical to your growth. In this motivating and insightful session, you’ll hear from industry expert Larry Levine on the importance of integrating the use of social to connect to digital buyers.


Keep Your Head in the Cloud

The cloud has enabled collaboration, operational efficiency and customer support like never before. Discover how to leverage Lexmark’s new line-up of smart MFDs and the new Cloud Connector platform to transform your profitability. Cloud Connector serves as a digital on-ramp for documents through apps for print management, scanning and more. This secure platform also improves service efficiencies by giving technicians the ability to push new firmware and device configurations remotely via the cloud.


Solidifying Your Success: The Toshiba Solutions Playbook

Embark on a solutions sales journey with Toshiba and learn how to grow your business by delivering the right information at the right time to the right individuals. We’ll review Toshiba’s carefully constructed solutions playbook and share invaluable sales and marketing tools that will help ignite your performance and drive more revenue.


Broadening Your Reach: A Guide to GPOs and Consortiums

Looking for ways to generate new revenue? Gain insights on how to tap into the ever-expanding market segment of group purchasing organizations and purchasing consortiums. To broaden your reach, Toshiba has established contracts with a number of organizations including the National IPA, NASPO ValuePoint, The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) and Corporate United which represent a combined buying power of over $350M annually in printing hardware and services. Gather actionable strategies and leverage Toshiba’s sales blueprint to capitalize on group spend and grow your business in new ways.


Raise Your Expectations: An Elevated MFP Experience

Providing your client with a personalized, simplified user experience is an ideal way to stand out from the pack. Every industry and client is unique, Toshiba’s philosophy is that the MFP does not have to be one-size fits all. Our user-interface customization platform Elevate, enables you to offer your clients a customized MFP they can use to efficiently run their business with streamlined tasks and workflows designed specifically for their needs.

Presented by: Jason Jarrett, Director, Solutions Sales, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.


Taking MPS to the Next Level

As the MPS market has matured, upgrades to your strategy can greatly improve your efficiency and profitability. Learn the secrets to designing profitable MPS engagements as well as industry insights and proven ways to control your cost. Also hear how Toshiba’s PageSmart MPS program can help deliver a comprehensive approach across all imaging platforms and positively impact your bottom line.

Presented by: Lisa Schultz, National Business Development Manager, Supplies Network and Kathy De Santi, Program Manager, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.

Creating the Perfect Team

Finding and retaining the right talent and keeping your workforce engaged can make the difference between a good and great organization. Join us as we share insights and a proven process to recruit top talent, increase employee retention and create a culture that links directly to your employee and financial metrics and drives your profit generating goals.

Delivering Best-In-Class Service

Service costs can significantly impact the profitability of an office equipment business. Learn how using smarter technology can improve your organization’s service efficiency while establishing the highest level of satisfaction with your customer. From remote monitoring and configuration to automation and device control, Toshiba’s e-Bridge Cloud Connect platform is a game changer when it comes to service delivery and maximizing equipment uptime.

Presented by: Mark McDowell, VP of Service and Tony Venice, Director of Product Marketing, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.

What’s Next in Office Print and Document Solutions?

What does the future hold for this multi-billion dollar industry? The office print and document solutions market continues to transform and create new opportunities while others dwindle. Acquisitions and mergers have run rampant at the manufacturer and dealer level alike. Competition is ever increasing while the traditional market for print devices and pages is declining. This session, led by industry analyst Keith Kmetz, looks at current trends in the market with an eye toward identifying viable opportunities for resellers to prosper in the near term.

Women in Business Breakfast

Engage, Educate and Entertain: A Digital Signage Case Study

Are you seeking ways to engage with your clients in a more personal and meaningful way? The use of digital signage and content has taken visual experiences and engagement to whole new level. In this insightful session, hear from Toshiba and featured client, Pepperdine University, on how digital signage solutions and services created unforgettable journeys and brought their customer journeys to life.


Keep Your Head in the Cloud

The cloud has enabled collaboration and operational efficiency like never before. In this informative session learn how to leverage smart MFDs and the new Cloud Connector platform to boost efficiency and productivity. The platform serves as a digital on-ramp for documents through productivity apps for print management, scanning and much more.

Presented By: Phil Boatman, Business Alliances, and Jamie Wolf, Solutions Business Development Manager, Lexmark International, Inc.


Raise Your Expectations: An Elevated MFP Experience

At Toshiba, we understand that every client is unique. Our philosophy is that the multi-function printer does not have to be one-size fits all. In this impactful session, see how Toshiba’s product customization platform, Elevate, can transform your office copier into a personalized workflow powerhouse that empowers your workforce to achieve higher productivity.


The Evolution of Business Information

The management and sharing of business information is a skillful artform that is ever evolving. In this enlightening session, hear from IDC analyst, Keith Kmetz, on the transformation of business information over time, trends across industries and how electronic and digital content are empowering organizations to rethink how they do business.

Presented By: Keith Kmetz, Program Vice President of Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions, IDC


The Path to Digital Document Transformation

Is your office suffering from paper overload and repetitive, manual processes? The key to empowering employees to work more efficiently and securely is gaining control over uncontrolled document workflows. Find out how Toshiba’s solutions break through the clutter and streamline business workflows for mission-critical processes including employee on-board and records management, invoice processing and more. We’ll show you how to achieve productivity and integrated workflow in even the most complex business environment.

Presented By: Maegan Lujan, Director of Solutions and Services, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.


The Proven Performers: 2018 Printing Portfolio Review

With the amount of work that must be managed on a daily basis, your printing equipment should enable effortless operation and efficiency. In this in-depth portfolio review, hear how Toshiba’s new line of printing products can help you tap into greater productivity while simplifying the way that you work.


Office Heroes: A Featured Client Panel

In this engaging session, hear from several Toshiba clients on how they helped their organizations to save money, improve productivity and look beyond print to unlock value with Toshiba’s document imaging solutions. Let us guide you through the discovery process, including how to look for areas of improvement and empower your organization for future success.