• How to maximize your hardware budget

    Innovative approaches are translating into more efficient equipment procurement for government IT departments. The benefits of new approaches far outweigh the risks. Options include: Hardware as a service (HaaS) Shared workstations Baseline hardware configurations HaaS The HaaS model distributes computers, tablets, smartphones, sensors, and other devices on a cloud-like pay-as-you-go basis. It strips much of [...] Continue Reading
  • Schools and the cloud: A perfect match?

    School IT departments have generally been on the front foot when it comes to embracing new technologies, and teachers who also embrace the latest technologies can reap the benefits faster. The cloud has opened up their world, and technology is poised to finally deliver on its promise to transform education. Assisting teachers The cloud has [...] Continue Reading
  • Cloud Mobility Document Solutions

    Cloud/Mobility With cloud/mobility software solutions, you can access information anytime, from anywhere. Create, access, share and print content through cloud storage applications. Utilize Toshiba MFPs to scan directly to the cloud or print directly from your smartphone or mobile device. Our software solutions for cloud/mobility will help you improve group collaboration, too. Get My FREE [...] Continue Reading
  • Business collaboration software for SMBs

    When ideas and knowledge can easily be shared both within and outside an organization, pooling skills can create much better outcomes. Given that contractors and teleworkers make up a big part of the SMB workforce, it's easy to see why collaboration software has become so popular for connecting people and information where they are most [...] Continue Reading
  • How technology is changing the way our children learn

    Digital technology is revolutionizing many parts of our lives, whether it’s communications, transport, entertainment, personal finance or even shopping. Education is no different, with advancements in digital tech transforming the way students learn in schools around the world. While Chromebooks have become commonplace in many classrooms, there are a range of other cutting-edge technologies that [...] Continue Reading
  • Using IT to improve literacy in K-12 students

    Students are growing up in a world where technology is everywhere, and the classroom is no exception. With the increasing proliferation of valuable technological learning tools, how can IT improve literacy for K–12 students? Boosting student motivation Understanding technology's potential to improve literacy means examining how students learn and recall knowledge. The key is boosting [...] Continue Reading
  • Securing Your BYOD policy

    Securing your BYOD policy Work practices have undergone a revolution in the digital age. Networked devices and more mobility have blurred the line between work and home as vast numbers of people perform their jobs across multiple platforms, often far from the office. An accompanying phenomenon is the bring your own device (BYOD) policy which [...] Continue Reading
  • Office 365 advances the learning process

    Cloud-based technologies are revolutionizing teaching and learning, and Microsoft’s Office 365 Education offers sophisticated tools to do just that. Office 365 comes with a lot of the usual Microsoft software offerings, now bundled together in a subscription-based model. However, more importantly for school CIOs and IT education decision-makers, Office 365 features Education, a state-of-the-art collaboration [...] Continue Reading
  • How to make the most out of cloud computing

    You only need look at the explosive growth of services like Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce for evidence of the business trend towards cloud computing. This raises a fundamental question: how can a business maximize the cloud’s benefits while minimizing or eliminating its drawbacks? Perhaps the biggest advantage the cloud gives an organization is tied [...] Continue Reading
  • Big data is revolutionizing healthcare service delivery

    Big data is changing the way the world does business. It continues to streamline service provision in everything – from sales to financial services, law, accounting, medicine and healthcare – through faster and faster dissemination of information. The basis of medical research has always been to collect and analyze data – who gets sick, why, [...] Continue Reading
  • Classroom Essentials Catalog

    Tools for Education

    We’ve made it easier than ever to find exactly what you need! Here, you’ll find a great selection of the school products you rely on most, in an easy-to-shop format. Backed by national support, we offer a wide assortment of items, featuring your favorite brands plus dollar-stretching private labels. Look inside for everything you need to keep your school days running smoothly, including over 200 products aligned with Common Core Standards in the areas of English Language Arts and Math.


    Continue Reading
  • Kimball Learning Catalog

    Kimball Learning Catalog Furnishing Environments That Learn FURNITURE FOR THE NEW WAY OF LEARNING. United Interiors, United Imaging's contract furniture division, understands the needs of education to furnish an environment for learning. On campuses around the world, educational spaces are becoming more like everyday spaces. The boundaries designating where people learn have blurred, and just [...] Continue Reading
  • Microsoft Business Anywhere.

    var ccs_cc_args = ccs_cc_args || []; (function () { var o = ccs_cc_args; o.push(['_SKey', '5542a325']); o.push(['_ZoneId', 'emdedENUresellerbusinessanywhere']); var sc = document.createElement('script'); sc.type = 'text/javascript'; sc.async = true; sc.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + 'cdn.cnetcontent.com/jsc/h.js'; var n = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; n.parentNode.insertBefore(sc, n); })(); jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var blog_slider = new Swiper("#from-the-blog-1208770456", { slidesPerView: 3, [...] Continue Reading
  • Taking government to the people

    The days of people making a special trip into town to work with government are, if not gone, certainly on the decline for many government functions. The new way of operating is to send government employees out to meet the people. Citizens approve, but leaving the desk for the field can add stress to employees' [...] Continue Reading
  • Big clouds for small businesses

    Cloud services for business Choosing the right cloud service has become a major dilemma for the modern small business. At the forefront of cloud technology, Amazon, Google and Microsoft are aggressively competing against each other for a bigger slice of the market. This fierce competition has resulted in three very diverse and competent cloud services. [...] Continue Reading
  • Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day! United Imaging wishes you a happy and safe Independence Day as we come together and celebrate the birth of our great nation! Don't miss out on these Star-Spangled SAVINGS! jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var blog_slider = new Swiper("#from-the-blog-1382820328", { slidesPerView: 3, breakpoints: { 640: { slidesPerView: 2, }, 480: { slidesPerView: 1, }, } [...] Continue Reading