Build A Better Breakroom

The Cup

Boost morale with a brewing system, delicious coffee and all the extras. Another great perk? Offer coffee cartridges in lots of flavors so everyone can savor their favorite. Add tea, juice,water, soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, and drink mixes to quench every kind of thirst.

The Cooler

Stay Hydrated

Hydrate, curb cravings, boost antioxidants—one delicious sip at a time! We pour on the refreshment with sparkling and spring water, big brand sodas, sports drinks, juices and more. Hydration is key to peak performance – it supports better brain functioning, from faster thinking to greater clarity and focus.

The Pantry

Serve up the Snacks

Breakroom snacks mean a happier team and happier employees outperform by 20%! Offer smart choices high in protein and low in sugar to provide long-lasting energy. Candy and cookies are salty and sweet rewards for busy days.

The Room

Create a Comfortable Space

The breakroom shouldn’t feel like another workspace. Outfit it with attractive tables and chairs to provide a place away from work to refuel and recharge. Bring in lounge seating to give people a chance to really relax.

The Supply Closet

Make Eating In, Easier

Disposable dinnerware, cups and cutlery, a fridge, and microwave make it simple for employees to grab a quick bite without leaving the building – a great way to boost energy and productivity.

Keep Clean Up Simple

Get everyone pitching in with convenient wipes and easily accessiblecleaning supplies. Disposable dinnerware means dirty dishes won’t pile up – just use and toss. Food storage, breakroom cabinet storage, andwire shelving keeps supplies neat and organized.

Get Everything

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