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Expert Managed Services for business

At United Imaging we know business, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive portfolio of  Managed Services, solutions, and software specifically designed to help you simplify your Backup, security, network, email, web, printer fleet management, streamline workflows, and cut costs, so you can relax and focus on growing your business.


rm-alerting-viewing  Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reporting

automated-monitoring  Remote Access, Monitoring & Management

rm-managed-antivirus  Antivirus Updates

rm-web-protection  Cyber Attack / Web Protection

rm-managed-online-backup  Disaster Recovery

“United Imaging provides the most comprehensive range of  Managed Services.”


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A full spectrum of services.

You already enjoy the benefits of product warranty coverage on many of your products. UI Managed Services for PC and Print goes beyond warranty to keep your business running smoothly. UI Managed Services offers our most comprehensive, end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific needs – starting when you need it.