Cold and Flu – Preventing the next wave of workplace-born sickness

People get sick all the time, and it’s important for your company to take care of not just their customers, but their employees as well, the best that they can. Over the course of the 2018-2019 flu season, over 37.4 million people fell ill, over 17.3 million visited their doctors and over 531,000 people were hospitalized*.

As the weather turns cold and germs run amok, the need to take care of oneself is just as necessary as ever. Promoting a healthy workplace environment keeps any business running smoothly, otherwise efficiency could plummet drastically.

Some tips for improving workplace health and stopping the spread of the flu could include:

  1. Encouraging all employees to get their flu vaccine every year.
  2. Develop policies that encourage employees to telework so that they can care of themselves and their families when sick.
  3. Provide resources and information on risk factors of the flu and who might be at high risk for flu complications.
  4. Provide products and resources that promote preventive action against the flu.

Stay Healthy
UI offers a robust assortment of products that can help combat cold and flu related issues in any workplace. Coming from a variety of well-known brands, including PURELL, Clorox and Kleenex, you can stock up on supplies including hand soap, soap dispensers, facial tissue and a variety of cold and flu medications.

Stay Healthy


According to the CDC, washing hands is one of the most effective ways you can stay healthy and avoid spreading germs to others. Well-maintained soap and towel dispensers help make handwashing a part of a daily wellness routine.

Hand Sanitizers

Did you know 80% of germs can be transmitted by hand? Germs on hands can be transferred up to seven times, making frequently-touched surfaces viral hot spots. Protect your customers with sanitizers that kill the germs that may make them sick.


Germ hot spots are everywhere. In fact, germs can live for days on hard surfaces, and with every touch, you pick up 30-50% of the organisms living there. Disinfectants get right to the source to stop germs in their tracks.


Per the CDC, sick days and lost productivity account for $7 billion in costs per year. Stock immune-boosting products, medicines and other items that help people feel well, stay well and work well.

Personal Protection

Everyday preventive actions can successfully slow the spread of germs that cause many illnesses. Play it safe with gloves and masks that protect and safeguard health.

Paper Products

To reduce the risk of infection, utilize paper products, then toss after use. Stock tissues that trap sniffles and sneezes, toilet seat covers for sanitary protection and towels that thoroughly dry hands – reducing germs by 77%.

United Imaging provides everything you need to help your customers prepare for this year’s cold and flu season. Stock up on powerful ways to fight germs, ensure hand hygiene, boost immunity, soothe symptoms and add an extra level of protection. We have a wide array of products from disinfectant wipes and tissues to hand soap and sanitizers. United Imaging carries water to stay hydrated, medicinal products that support immune systems as well as cold and flu medicine to care for your customers after they have been compromised. Stop the spread of germs before it starts.