February Docuware Webinar Series: Why You Need a Safe and Secure Document Archiving Solution

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February Webinar: Why You Need a Safe and Secure Document Archiving Solution.

Document Security Done Right: Protect and Share Documents Confidently with a Comprehensive Document Archiving Solution

Compliance mandates are an ever-growing reality of doing business today: the new California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect last month and the global General Data Protection Regulation has been heavily enforced over the past two years. A serious document security policy is no longer a “we’ll get around to it” project for organizations; it’s now a necessity. Your first step is to find a best-fit, top-of-the-line document management solution. With DocuWare’s secure online document storage, you safeguard data with maximum protection, share and work with documents safely, and stay on top of compliance mandates. Work with confidence and ease knowing you have total business continuity in place. Register now for a 30-minute product webinar for an introductory demo of DocuWare. Can’t make it? Register anyway to get sent a recording. Picture this for your organization: • Store all documents in one central, digital location with easy storage, search, and retrieval • Stay on top of document retention schedules – no more outdated documents floating around • Meet compliance such as HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and CCPA regulations • Keep business intelligence under wraps and only allow authorized users with access • Implement version management to keep track of document edits • Manage user access with audit trails to see who previously took actions on documents • Simplify audits and easily provide auditors relevant documents with a searchable browser

With DocuWare, you enjoy:

  • A secure, central document pool for all documents regardless of source or format
  • Increased employee efficiency and productivity with instant access to information
  • Automated digital workflows to route and process documents across multiple departments
  • First-class document compliance and fast response to audits

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