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Finding the Right IT solutions

As companies consider technology initiatives that support mobility, security, disaster recovery, and compliances in the digital age, they must ensure they have the right IT infrastructure in place — one that reduces costs and improves efficiency.

UI Technology Services Assessment provides your company with an understanding of existing pain points and unneeded costs prior to making your next technology investment. The assessment gives you an end-to-end evaluation of your infrastructure, identifying obstacles that might prevent successful implementation of your technology initiatives. It also provides a baseline of activity-based costs for your institution.

By understanding your current processes and their support costs, UI technology services can recommend a simplified future mode of operations that is more economical and efficient.


UI Technology Services Assessment provides your company with:

  • Prioritize technology initiatives and gain support for funding and resources.
  • A value-to-fee proposition: UI Technology Services proposes a return over and above the cost of the assessment through better efficiency and recommended best practices.
  • A highly experienced team of experts focused on business.


With an UI Technology Services Assessment, the UI Technology Services team will:

  • Assess your current IT operations (end-user computing, data center, applications, IT service management, security and compliance), collecting systemic, financial and qualitative data.
  • Identify cost-reduction opportunities and operational effectiveness.
  • Develop a roadmap to reduce complexity and maintenance spend.
  • Identify specific recommendations and improvements based on your initiatives and best-in-class infrastructure solutions.

Deliverables include a current-state/future-state summary, quick-hit improvements for immediate results — such as consolidating servers onto fewer, virtualized servers and an executive summary that defines a roadmap for future initiatives.