Narrate Your Story

Narrate Your Story.

Every organization has its own story to tell. Create compelling spaces that bring your culture and mission to life with a solution that’s always ready for what’s next.

A holistic workplace solution that can be tailored to support culture, creativity, connection, communication, and concentration.

Meet Narrate.

Supporting Interactions

Narrate’s unique shelters and pergolas create engaging small group spaces that encourage social interaction and idea sharing.

Engaging Spaces For Brand Expression

Narrate can tell your unique story and help workers feel more connected to the organization through custom graphics, mixed materials, and panels that go from bold to subtle, timeless to contemporary.

A Champion For Choice

Narrate’s flexible infrastructure accommodates independent or social work as needed, where needed—providing an agile workforce with the freedom of choice to work in their own, unique way.

Providing Ultimate Flexibility

Narrate offers a versatile framework to create diverse layouts and accommodate varying privacy levels. Its modular and adaptable components combine in seemingly endless ways to support growth and change.

Simple to Stunning.

Narrate can be dressed-up to make a bold statement or simplified to meet a budget. With Narrate’s vast offering of options, the possibilities are endless.

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