Kimball Finds the Future of Workplaces in EverySpace

When the workplace of the future arrives, what will the critical components be? Adaptable architecture that supports users throughout their day. Spaces that flex and flow as needs change and work styles evolve. Functional-yet-personal workstations. Multi-height surfaces adjustable for open-plan or single-use footprints. Vertical storage and screens for visual and acoustic privacy.

But above all these, there’s an indisputable prerequisite: Office furnishings that put the health, wellness, and happiness of employees at the center of their design.

EverySpace by Kimball proves its adaptability by providing a platform for customized components and features. Photography courtesy of Kimball.

Fortunately, designers don’t need crystal balls to imagine any of these forward-thinking requirements. They’ve already arrived in EverySpace, the new contract furniture series from Kimball. Available for order beginning October 11, the ever-accommodating series can serve collaborative settings, individual environments, and spontaneous touch-down areas with equal efficiency.

CSD Studio collaborated with Kimball to conceive the manufacturer’s new EverySpace series. Photography courtesy of Kimball.

Driven by the desire to inject human feeling into highly functional spaces, the modular and customizable platform allows the user to tailor their space to fit their specific needs and work styles. A variety of storage modules are designed to be personalized by the user. Height-adjustable worksurfaces are Bluetooth-enabled to quickly accommodate a shift between posture or users. Storage components, screens, and legs feature integrated wire management channels and electrical power distribution, so spaces maintain a clean aesthetic.

EverySpace by Kimball allows the user not only to customize the workplace but personalize it as well. Photography courtesy of Kimball.

Easy to specify for any space or size, from corner home office to sprawling brokerage floor, the components are prefabricated and alignment guides are pre-drilled, thereby reducing installation time.

EverySpace was developed with longtime Kimball collaborator CSD Studio, which for more than 30 years has supplied solutions to the marquee names of the contract furniture industry.

The CSD Studio team at work in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Photography courtesy of Kimball.

Led by interior designer Lynda Chesser and industrial designers Bill Schacht and Chad Zimmerman, the firm hit upon the concept of micro-environments, and the challenge of addressing the functions of these diverse spaces. “It’s not just a private office or a conference room or a reception area,” says Chesser, “The shifting range of needs goes beyond the traditional office concept.”

CSD Studio considered multiple ways of working to develop Kimball’s new EverySpace series. Photography courtesy of Kimball.

The team conceived a minimalist platform base that would serve as a unifying design element, able to support a wide range of components. At the same time, the upper half of the structure would serve as a canvas for personalization and self-expression.

EverySpace by Kimball is adaptable for any space of any size. Photography courtesy of Kimball.

The components of the series may be multifarious, but regardless of which elements are incorporated—bookcases, work areas, media displays—the cohesive aesthetic is never in question. Designers can also customize the series by layering in contrasting finishes, materials, and styles.

“Now more than ever, furniture has to be flexible and adaptable to serve many functions,” says Chesser. “The design of EverySpace was built upon that need.”

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