Total Cloud Solutions for Business

In many companies, IT is on the defensive, reacting to problems and putting out fires. But what if you could turn the tables and make your IT department a proactive force that creates solutions and guides the company into the future?

Now you can. Built for business United Imaging’s Cloud Solutions boost your organization’s productivity, so you can make the most of your IT budget and give your developers the power to deploy new applications faster than ever. All while keeping your data as available and secure as it should be.

Private Cloud

Private cloud features an infrastructure built for variable workloads, bursts of high-compute processing, and elastic storage needs combined with self-service for users and developers. It is best suited for classic IT applications and for mission-critical workloads that store and process sensitive information.


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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud combines and easily manages the unique capabilities of private cloud and public cloud. Enterprise IT can balance flexibility and control while laying an architectural foundation that quickly scales services, speeds up application development, and reduces overall IT costs.


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 Public Cloud

Public cloud offers the same basic infrastructure as private cloud but is managed by third parties using a pay-as-you-go model. While this greatly reduces control and oversight, it makes public cloud well-adapted for developing and testing cloud-native applications that benefit from fast access to on-demand resources.


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Consulting Services

Even the best cloud implementations need the dedicated attention of a cloud specialist to be most effective. Not every enterprise has all the necessary know-how in-house, but you can still have that expertise at your fingertips. Our professional consulting services can provide guidance as you develop your cloud strategy and help you transform and manage your cloud so you get the most from your cloud investments.


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 Optimized Cloud Solutions

Planning, architecting, and deploying cloud technology can be challenging, especially for highly specialized endeavors that require sophisticated solutions. With our optimized cloud solutions, you get complete offerings that include everything you need to be successful when facing a demanding use case. Built, tested, and validated by HP cloud experts, our optimized cloud solutions are based on industry-leading HP ProLiant servers and cloud software products.


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UI Managed Services

Managing a cloud to its fullest potential takes dedicated, expert resources. And with limited resources, finding the right balance between managing technology and applying technology to add business value can be tricky. That’s where we can help. We provide managed services to meet a wide range of specialized needs, from key business application services to those catering to the specific needs of service providers and the public sector.


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File Sharing & Back Up.

Perfect for Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses

Cloud is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Instead, the true value of cloud resides in its nearly limitless adaptability. That’s why we work with you to select the best solution for your enterprise, whether it’s a private cloud, a public cloud, or a combined, hybrid cloud approach.

Cloud Solutions for your Documents

Why partner with United Imaging for your cloud journey?


You demand knowledgeable assistance from experienced and trusted partners like United Imaging to provide prescriptive guidance throughout your cloud journey.


We deliver:

  • Cloud experts with industry knowledge, experience, and best practices developed across geographically, public sector and private sector engagements
  • Consistent delivery of world-class cloud professional services
  • End-to-end innovative solutions that integrate business processes, applications, infrastructure and operations
  • A single point of accountability for all professional services
  • Hybrid delivery models across private, managed and public cloud