Toshiba Recycles Nearly 200 Tons of e-Waste in 2015

Toshiba Has Recycled 712 Tons of Toner Consumables Since 2008

To underscore its continuing commitment to create a more sustainable planet, Toshiba America Business Solutions today announces it recycled 174 tons of used toner products in 2015.

The e-waste was collected via the company’s “Zero Waste to Landfill” program. In partnership with internationally-recognized recycler Close the Loop, Toshiba has eliminated 712 tons – the equivalent of 20 maximum-size trailer trucks allowed on U.S. roads – of e-waste from filling open spaces since the program began in 2008.

Toshiba’s acceptance and recycling of other vendors’ toner consumables – the first manufacturer in its industry to do so – further emphasizes the company’s ecological ethos and desire to protect the environment. The Irvine, Calif. tech company, in alliance with Close the Loop, separates the spent imaging products into reusable parts, toner, plastic and metal. This process enables the elements to re-enter the supply chain for use in future products.

Via its collaboration with Close the Loop, Toshiba also converts e-waste into eLumber to create such outdoor products as park benches, fences and garden boxes for community organizations and nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity. Plastic from spent toner products is converted into rulers and pens.

“The commitment to sustainability is a vital element of Toshiba’s DNA as well as a point of emphasis for our workforce,” said Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. Vice President of Distribution and Aftermarket Sales, Tom Walter. “Fortunately, Toshiba’s eco mission is of equal importance to the vast majority of our customers as the success of our “Zero Waste to Landfill” initiative clearly underscores.”

Toshiba’s toner recycling efforts is one of the key elements for many of its industry-recognized e-STUDIO multifunction products becoming part of the EPEAT (Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool) registry. EPEAT is the definitive global rating system for greener electronics.