Empower your Manufacturing Workforce

Explore four key transformation topics that can help you stay competitive while meeting changing customer needs

Empower your workforce

Imagine if you could attract, train, and keep an empowered workforce capable of keeping up with your new speed of business.

Address the skills gap to keep up with digital manufacturing

As the manufacturing industry is disrupted by digital changes, the workforce is as well. It’s estimated that 75 million jobs will be displaced by automation and 133 million new jobs will be created between 2018 and 2022.1 This requires new and advanced skill sets and ways to collaborate. You need to attract the next generation of talent while training your veteran employees at the pace of innovation. You’ll boost job satisfaction, enhance productivity, and streamline decision making with a fully equipped and empowered workforce. Upskill your existing workforce and accelerate training your new workforce to keep up with
this historic change by:

  • Engaging your workforce by automating the mundane, freeing them up for more creative and strategic endeavors on the front line like engaging with customers and partners.
  • Utilizing AI and mixed-reality (MR) interaction models with robots/cobots to augment employee skills and improve shop floor agility, productivity, and safety.
  • Reaching new levels of safety and cyber/physical security with advanced technologies like ambient intelligence that reduce accidents, malicious incidents, product loss, and brand damage.
  • Leveraging MR and team collaboration capabilities to redefine training and skills transfer to overcome skills gaps and keep pace with increased product and process complexity
  • Enabling front-line workers to do their best work by unifying devices, data, relationships, and processes in intelligent apps that guide them through best practices and compliance requirements

1 World Economic Forum. 2018. “The Future of Jobs 2018.” September.