United Interiors, United Imaging’s contract furniture division, understands the needs of education to furnish an environment for learning.

On campuses around the world, educational spaces are becoming more like everyday spaces. The boundaries designating where people learn have blurred, and just as much discussion and collaboration happen in the spaces outside classrooms as they do in the classrooms themselves. Many spaces are being used as multi-purpose areas, so instructors and students expect furniture that’s easy to reconfigure for different learning styles. They also expect furniture to work seamlessly with their technology to embrace the ways they learn and communicate. In terms of style, there’s a shift toward the casual, creative atmosphere of cafés and other places where people come together naturally to form a sense of community. Kimball Learning, has incorporated the needs and expectations of these ever-evolving education trends into the development of our product portfolio. You’ll find flexible, collaborative, and technology-driven furnishings from classrooms to administrative offices and every secondary learning space in between.