Save the Date “Facilities Management the Future- Solving the Talent Gap”

“FM the Future- Solving the Talent Gap”

Everyone has been discussing the talent gap for years. Learn how the gap affects you- in a positive way.

Research shows an annual gap of approximately 6,000 FM workers in California. Keeping up pace with the looming loss of FMs requires faster more targeted upskilling and talent management than ever. It will take a village and a community of FM professionals dedicated to solving the problem. The International Facilities Management Association Foundation’s Global Workforce Initiative (GWI) has created that village and we are working with business educational institutions, government agencies, economic and workforce development, and, most important y, International Facilities Management Association San Fernando Valley members and chapters like International Facilities Management Association San Fernando Valley to provide new approaches to tack e the talent problem ensuring that we have the FM workers for today and in the future. This initiative addresses the triple bottom line of Economy, Equity, and Environment. Meeting the FM talent demand is critical to the energy efficiency of more than 10 billion square feet of commercial buildings in California. This session will showcase how the International Facilities Management Association Foundation and International Facilities Management Association San Fernando Valley are making a difference in the FM talent gap while at the same time positively impacting California’s bottom line.


Wednesday September 18, 2019

5:30PM · 8:00PM


Warner Brothers Studio Plaza Building
Knowledge Center
3400 Riverside Drive,
Burbank, CA 91505

Host: Miguel Maldonado

  • Member Facility Managers: No Charge
  • Non-Member Facility Managers and Professionals: $20.00
  • Associate Members: $35.00
  • Associate Non-Members: $40.00
  • Member Guests: $35.00

Diane Levine
MCR- Executive Director
IFMA Foundation

Diana Levine, Executive Director of the IFMA Foundation has been actively involved in and is one of the pioneers of the foundation’s Global Workforce Initiative. She is passionate about the future of FM and furthering the mi&&ion of the IFMA Foundation, making FM a career of choice. Diane has been a driver of workplace strategy within the facility management (FM) community for more than 25 years. She is a co-founder of IFMA’s Workplace Evolutionaries community and the IFMA Foundation Workplace Strategy Research Summits. She is also an award-winning co-editor and author of the ‘Work on the Move”

books and recently completed a three-year term on IFMA’s global board of directors. A sought-after speaker who has  guest lectured at MIT and the Vienna University of Technology, Diane is a contributing author to the Facility Management Journal (FMJ). Her work in the field was mentioned in Business Week, Fiscal Times and Ratum on Performance Magazine. She won the CoreNet REMMY for Workplace Innovation, the IFMA George Graves Facility Management Achievement Award, the CREW SPIRE award for Workplace Innovation and was named a Southern California Real Estate Journal ‘Woman of Influence”.

Diane holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management, a MIT Certificate in Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning, a CoreNet Ma-rs in Real Estate (MCR) designation and a Certificate in Facilities Management from University of California, Irvine.

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