VR rewiring the brain for less pain

Pain is pervasive. In the United States alone, in spite of having access to modern healthcare, about 25.3 million adults, or 11.2 percent, have experienced pain every day for the previous three months, and nearly 40 million adults (17.6 percent) had
severe pain.1

At some point in our lives, we will experience acute or chronic pain due to injury or illness. Traditionally, doctors treat pain with recommendations for physical therapy and medication. However, pain can continue to persist despite treatment or, in the case of prescription drugs like opioids, create undesirable effects and addiction or dependence.

“Now we can say, I understand that you’re having a lot of pain, and it’s involving every aspect of your life. Let us help you to lessen that pain, teach you some ways in which you can make that pain less of your life and enjoy your life more fully.”
– Dr. Shorin Nemeth

Medical Director for Pain Services and Medical Director for Oncology Palliative Care, Providence Health and Services, Portland, Oregon

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