Managed Email

Comprehensive email management.

With security, continuity and complete control

With a single console for email security, continuity, and archiving, our safe, secure and easy-to-use mail solutions put you in control of your email and puts you back in business. With total recall should you need it.

Prevent common issues

  • Downtime
  • Virus attacks on your network and PCs
  • Attempts to hack into your network
  • Lack of access to important data

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What might seem like a small IT problem, can often lead to a major business headache.

Overcome issues like virus attacks, lost emails and spam with Managed Email.


  • Anti-virus protection
  • Spam detection
  • Allows genuine emails


  • Cloud based system
  • Keeps email working
  • Less risk of data loss


  • No email ever lost
  • Easy to search
  • Frees up server space

Why Email Security Matters

Learn about defense-in-depth email protection

Email is a prime target for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, many cloud and on-premises email systems don’t provide enough protection against email threats like phishing and malware downloads.

To stay safe, you want to have multiple layers of protection. Get the free eBook, Why Email Security Matters, to learn:

  • The common methods hackers use to attack email systems
  • The benefits of using a cloud-based email security product
  • How defense-in-depth strategies help by providing multiple layers of protection