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Strategic evaluation and tactical planning. Get flexibility and scalability that you need to your company’s demands.


Remote monitoring identifies many potential problems before they disrupt your operations to help make cost saving decisions before they become a problem.


A local team of expert technicians respond remotely and onsite. With access to 24/7 I.T. help and same day response time from 9 am -5 pm.

I.T. Support

Get flexible support programs to operate and evolve your IT.

  • UI Managed Services.
  • On Demand.
  • Retainer.


Reduce costs and provision the flexible, modern I.T. environment you need to stay innovative and efficient.

Advise, Transform
& Manage

Fine-tune your I.T. for peak performance with industry-tested, enterprise-grade support services.

& Training

Develop the knowledge and skills your team needs to profit from today’s technology-driven business economy.

Hardware & Software

Get the latest hardware and software your company needs to succeed and grow.
Built for business desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, VR, software, and accessories from United Imaging and our Industry partners like Toshiba, HP, HPE, Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Lexmark, Lennovo, Intel and more.

For over 30 years our experts have been connecting workplaces with Total Technology Solutions. Integrating Managed Services, Security, Backup, Mobile, Cloud, Software and Hardware solutions.

United Imaging keeps you connected, solve today’s business challenges, and offer opportunities for tomorrow.

At United Imaging we know business. That is why we have created a comprehensive portfolio of services, solutions, and software to streamline workflows and cut costs so you can relax and focus on growing your business. Specifically designed to help you simplify your Backup, Security, Network, Email, Web, Print and Digital Signage.

Across every industry, IT strategy is now business strategy. To compete in this new era, companies need a partner like United Imaging to help them quickly adapt to take advantage of new opportunities or manage competitive threats.


The right solutions for your business to grow.


United Imaging offers network planning, purchasing, installation, and maintenance. UI is a trusted partner authorized to sell and maintain products from a large variety of vendors, so we can create the solutions that best fit your needs.

We are a Total Technology Solutions Provider. We offer technology strategies with a complete site inspection of your current systems, and present you with a detailed audit of our findings and recommendations to save your company time and money.


“I strongly recommend the services of United Imaging Technology Services and their team as experts in the field of IT Consultancy, Video and Computer installation. The UI team have ensured that our systems are current, properly protected, and well serviced. UI recently completed a large installation involving a relocation of our corporate headquarters that was flawlessly executed to the delight of our team.”

-CEO Global Brand

“Over many years I, in my capacity as Operations Manager for an ad agency, employed the services of UI Technology Services many times. I have Never Once been disappointed. From setting up entire networked systems down to taking care of a glitch in a software application, you can depend on this: The job will be done right and you will have no worries!”

-Rick Bell, Marketing Manger

“I consider United Imaging Technology Services a great resource for the most advanced solutions- things other companies have often not even heard of. United Imaging Technology Services knows how they work, when they are appropriate, and can program the remotes for the most simple among us to have success. His team members are smart, timely, and very helpful. They clean up after themselves and appreciate my clients’ privacy and quirks.”

– Private Client

“United Imaging Technology Services are experts at Mac and PC, which has made them an invaluable IT consultant for our office, as we use both systems. UI has always done everything possible to find the quickest and least inconvenient way to assist me with any IT issues. Due to UI’s breadth of experience in the industry, they have been able to actually lead me towards more efficient office systems that prior to their recommendations, I hadn’t known existed. I highly recommend UI. If they can’t fix it, no one can!”

– Nia C. Troup


  • Networking
  • Integration Support
  • Education
  • Project Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Access
  • Break / Fix
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Service by Experts
  • Onsite, remote and phone support
  •  24/7/365 service dispatchers
  • 4 hour or less response time from 9-5
  • Expert Product Sales
  • Installation
  • Cabling

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