Perfect Harmony Kimball International Family of Brands 2021

Kimball International Family of Brands
A unique portfolio of brands, with a commitment to craftsmanship and insights-driven inspiration. All to help you create inspirational spaces for working, healing, learning, hospitality and home. A collection of brands, all in Perfect Harmony.


Transforming ordinary workspaces into inspiring places.


For life, work and everything in-between.


Creating inviting places where you feel like you belong.


Challenging the status quo in health.

The future of healthcare is shapeable.

The Health Market is changing rapidly, and the role of space has never been as pivotal as it is today. While the last year full of challenges, we saw an opportunity to be a catalyst for change. We believe the future of healthcare is shapeable, and Kimball International is aligning our business to provide solutions that make a positive impact on the delivery of care.

Throughout the Chicago Showroom experience, you’ll see how our approach to insights and research methodologies, partnered with design thinking, come together by leveraging the Perfect Harmony portfolio of products. By using solutions from all our brands, we have created innovative spaces that support better environments throughout the entire facility.

We know that the hospital’s physical environment plays a key role in determining patients’ health outcomes– and it is our mission to support you in keeping pace with the demands of today, so you can elevate every experience to impact the way healthcare is delivered tomorrow.

While in the Chicago showroom, you’ll see a broad range of applications to support emerging trends in healthcare:


Patients seek convenience throughout their journey — from short and comfortable wait times to engaging conversations with caregivers in versatile consultative settings.

Nurse Wellbeing

Nurse burnout didn’t start with COVID-19, and it won’t end with it either. We are conducting observations and working with clients to bring forth solutions that will aid in supporting the quality of care for the caregiver.

Well + Good

Promote employee well-being and safety with spaces and programs dedicated to overall health. These areas can include yoga and meditation spaces or more personal needs like a mother’s room.

Responsive Design

In today’s health environments, adaptability and flexibility are critical. Spaces must be responsive to the different needs of facilities to maximize efficiency and the quality of care.

Hybrid Care

As technology continues to become more and more present in today’s care, it is critical to provide environments that can strengthen engagements between caregiver and patient whether virtual or in person.