David Edward Collection by Kimball Adds Exquisitely Modern Table and Seating Offering

Kimball is announcing the launch of two new products within the David Edward Collection by Kimball, Thatcher and Frill. Designed by Chicago designer Elliot Eakin, Thatcher is a rich, warm lounge chair that provides beauty at every angle. It pairs wonderfully with the Frill table collection, which can be placed together to form a striking table ensemble or can stand alone with elegance and poise.
Elliot Eakin’s designs are about more than just furniture. They embody the belief that beautiful furniture can–and should–still be practical, elegant, and approachable. Thatcher was originally inspired by the Chicago river bascule bridges with a goal to design a chair that should be seen from all sides, making it a piece worth displaying in the center of a room.
Eakin wanted to try and capture that chaotic movement of air in an antique bellow by segmenting and turning the natural graining of the wood. The goal in the design of Frill was to create a family of tables that when placed together form a beautiful coffee table or could stand alone next to the perfect lounge piece.