Deliver new services to Manufacturing

Explore four key transformation topics that can help you stay competitive while meeting changing customer needs

Deliver New Services

Imagine staying one step ahead of your customers’ needs, identifying the best times and processes to refresh parts, supplies, and equipment.

Stay competitive, and exceed customer expectations

Historically, the relationship between a manufacturer and its products ended at the point of sale. Today that’s changed, with intelligent products at the edge— from large industrial equipment to spray nozzles used in agricultural irrigation—all connected back to the cloud, creating a digital feedback loop.

Those devices at the edge also provide a new connection to customers, allowing manufacturers to offer better services, such as proactive maintenance and remote monitoring, and generate new revenue streams. Predictive analytics is the number one AI use case for enterprises across manufacturing.2 By connecting people to devices using IoT and identifying failure prevention patterns, manufacturers can reduce waste, maintenance costs, and downtime. Intelligent IoT (made of smart devices) can safely deliver exciting new experiences on a flexible, scalable, and secure cloud framework that can power
high-tech business models.

Keep your sellers matching the pace of your complex product and service portfolio to improve customer engagement and profit margins. If you can proactively engage with consumers throughout your product’s life cycle, you can gain new insights and create AI-driven assets that target their desired outcomes. By providing enhanced services that deliver immersive experiences you’ll differentiate yourself from competitors and cultivate lifetime customers.

2 The Economist Intelligence Unit, Intelligent Economies: AI’s transformation of industries and society, (July 2018)

So, now what?
Three strategies to deliver new services

See how you can create new business value with digital services.

Connect Field Services

Enable proactive engagement throughout the product life cycle by delivering new services.

Read this e-book to learn more about transforming the customer experience with connected field service.

Customize sales and services

Strengthen customer relationships and build brand loyalty. Learn how to improve customer engagement and profit margins with connected sales and service.