Optimize digital operations in Manufacturing

Explore four key transformation topics that can help you stay competitive while meeting changing customer needs

Optimize digital operations

Imagine if you could increase the flow of information across your entire business operations, keep your business processes synchronized, and improve your interaction with partners and your supply chain.

Deliver the right product and service at the right time and margin

In today’s market full of feature-saturated products and super-competitive prices, manufacturers are exploring ways to generate new business value using digital services to build stronger relationships with customers. 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience and greater transparency.3 The growing need to customize products and services for customers means agile and responsive end-to-end operations is more essential than ever. And getting the right products and services to the right customer at the right time requires integration of digital factories and intelligent supply chains.

Modernizing your factory floor can help you create agile and responsive end-to-end operations and provide your customers
with customized products and services:

  • Integrate data from IoT with other product and customer data to create new insights into customers’ desired outcomes
  • Generate data-driven and AI enhanced products and services that differentiate in the new service economy by delivering customer outcomes
  • Increase revenue and margins by providing a connected sales and services platform that increases productivity and compliance, and can keep up with new product and service offerings.
  • Innovate using digital twins and big compute to get products that customers want to market faster, by enabling more iterations on product, manufacturing, and supply chain designs
  • Engage manufacturers’ customers with differentiated buying experiences that leverage Mixed Reality and easy to use quoteto-cash processes to increase wins and margins

By embedding AI into your products now, you can supply personalized and intelligent assistance, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring after your products leave the factory. MR blends the physical and digital worlds, and paired with AI infused insights, you can use MR to visualize products before they’re manufactured; this allows you to change how you design, build, sell, and service your products.

So, now what?

Three strategies to optimize digital operations

See how you can leverage IT and OT to optimize factories and supply chains.

Factory of the future

Speed up production by using industrial IoT and other smart technology to connect your people, devices, and processes. Read this e-book to learn how to achieve digital excellence in manufacturing with the factory of the future.

Intelligent supply chain

Take advantage of an optimized supply chain to produce the right products, at the right time, for the right price. Read this blog to learn how to create an intelligent supply chain.